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Our Handcrafted Pizza Journey

We take you behind the scenes into our kitchen space where all the magic takes place. Witness the preparation behind every one of your orders and observe how our chefs turn our quality ingredients into mouth-watering pizzas!

Why wildfire pizza singapore?


We understand the woes of not knowing where your order is (even more with an empty stomach!) In the rare event that a late delivery occurred, we will offer you a $10 discount voucher instantly!

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Why are handmade pizzas better?


✓ Lesser Calories

✓ impossible to overknead a dough by hand, thus producing a stretchy and elastic dough for a cripsier crust
✓ Full control of incorporating oxygen into the dough, slow rising it to produce its optimum flavours


✗ Higher Calories

✗ Dough tends to over-knead, resulting in a gooey dough that gives a dry, calorie-dense crust
✗ Heat from Machine causes dough to rise faster, authentic pizza dough needs to rise slower to produce more flavour

What makes us different?


Secret sauce simmered for 8 hours

Pizza is sauce is the second most essential component to a perfect pizza. We created our own secret tomato sauce recipe, and simmer it for exactly 8 hours each day. These long-simmering hours develops the sauce into a rich, rounded profile with more concentrated taste and a deep flavour.

Stone Oven Handcrafted Pizzas

Our pizza dough and sauces are handmade from scratch every morning. Unlike your usual mass-produced pizzerias, our pizzas are made on demand – right on the spot with each incoming order and fired up in our custom-made Italian stone oven replica. Pizza stones are more evenly heated, which absorbs moisture from the dough resulting in a crispier crust.

Air-Flown Ingredients From Italy

With Italy being one of few countries that produce traditional Mozzarella cheese from the milk of herded water buffalos, we only use premium imported southern Italian cheese from the country of origin. We heavily pride ourselves on the authenticity and freshness of our food as our chefs are committed to choosing only the best ingredients personally.

72 Hours Fermented Dough

In crust, we trust. Our pizza dough is hand-made from scratch and fermented for precisely 72 hours to bring out its optimum flavours. We use only premium and finely-grounded wheat flour imported directly from the organic farms that cultivate ancient grains in Italy. Our pizza dough recipe is handmade in batches daily and tossed only the Italian way.

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“Made the right choice because both Mister and I loved it. Imagine Mister wasn’t a pasta person but had lots of praises”

“Each pizza looked so tantalizing and had us yearning for a mouth-watering experience”

“Their price of a pizza is reasonable and affordable with the quality they could achieve on each pizza”

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Personal Jumbo Meal

Personal Jumbo Meal

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Hear from our customers!




To understand the true Italian traditions, we held a handcrafted pizza making workshop for our headquarter staff over the weekend. We got their arms working to knead their personal pizza dough and fire up the 6 inch pizza with toppings of their own choice!

Create an unforgettable weekend experience here at Wildfire Pizza. We are able to customize a workshop session just for you too! Contact us here.


Our head chefs got a little crazy with their creations for our CEO’s birthday surprise this year! His favourite salami was delicately crafted up into a birthday message on a 30 inch pizza with a ton of cheese!

Have a celebration idea with fantastic taste? Celebrate your special moments with Wildfire Pizza Singapore! Share with us your thoughts and we will try our best to meet your requests! Contact us here.