Secret sauce simmered for 8 hours

Pizza is sauce is the second most essential component to a perfect pizza. We created our own secret tomato sauce recipe, and simmer it for exactly 8 hours each day.

These long-simmering hours develops the sauce into a rich, rounded profile with more concentrated taste and a deep flavour.

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Stove Oven Fired Pizzas

Our pizza sauces and toppings are also freshly prepped every morning. Unlike your usual mass-produced pizzerias, our pizzas are made on demand – right on the spot with each incoming order and fired up in our custom-made Italian stone oven replica.

The ceramic material of a pizza stone is able to hold heat evenly which absorbs moisture of the dough as it bakes; resulting in a crispier crust.

Why does stone oven pizzas taste better?

Air-flown Italian Ingredients

With Italy being one of few countries that produce traditional Mozzarella cheese from the milk of herded water buffalos, we only use premium imported southern Italian cheese from the country of origin.

We heavily pride ourselves on the authenticity and freshness of our food. Being extremely passionate about the quality of our pizzas and pasta, our chefs are committed to personally picking out only the freshest ingredients every week. 

72 Hours Fermented Dough

To guarantee the freshest pizzas, our dough is handmade in batches daily. The pizza dough will be fermented for precisely 72 hours to bring out its optimum flavour.

With Italy being one of the largest agricultural producers and food processors, we use only premium and finely-grounded wheat flour imported directly from the organic farms that cultivate ancient grains.

Why 72 hours fermented dough?

made fresh upon ordering

6 kitchens island-wide

Our chefs across all 6 kitchens island-wide are always ready to prepare your orders right on the spot. Our kitchens are strategically located to ensure your orders arrive at y our doorstep within 1 hour.

Ang Mo Kio | Bukit Merah | Jurong | Serangoon | Ubi | Woodlands

100% fresh pizza guarantee

If you received a stale pizza at your doorstep, let us know! Our 100% Fresh Pizza Guarantee ensures a full pizza replacement for FREE! On top of that, receive  receive a $10 voucher for late deliveries!

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handcrafted pizzas at your doorstep

always ready pizza drivers

Piping hot pizzas are packed into eco-friendly pizza boxes and goes straight into our thick insulated delivery bags. Our team of in-house pizza delivery riders are dedicated to serving you anywhere island-wide. They will ride across the city to deliver the freshly made Italian pizzas and pasta to your doorstep within the time frame of 1 hour.

free delivery island-wide

Enjoy FREE delivery when you order above $60 at Wildfire Pizza. We understand the woes of not knowing where your order is – rest assured as we are able to provide the live location of your orders.

live order tracking available

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