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Head Chef Trained in Italy

We ensure our customers only the most authentic Italian mouthfeel.
Having trained in Italy for over a decade, our head chef is extremely experienced in firing up pizzas and we stay fiercely true to the Italian traditions. With their extensive knowledge on the cuisine, our dough recipe is hand-made from scratch daily and tossed only the Italian way.

secret 8-hour sauce

Pizza sauce is the second most essential component to a perfect pizza. It uplifts the flavour in a pizza crust and compliments the fresh toppings.

  • Signature Tomato Sauce Recipe With years of expertise in the Italian cuisine, our head chefs created the ultimate secret tomato recipe
  • Simmered for 8 Hours The fresh sauce is simmered for exactly 8 hours each day. These long-simmering hours develops the sauce into a rich, rounded profile with more concentrated taste and a deep flavour. 
  • Freshly Made Daily – Using only handpicked fresh tomatoes, you can be sure to savour the natural freshness of the fruit!


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