Domino’s Pizza, the pizza delivery expert 

Known for their outstanding delivery service, many would agree that Domino’s Pizza tops the charts when it comes to pizza delivery services. 

But some may also wonder if the taste and quality compare to other pizza delivery services. Read on for an honest review on how Domino’s Pizza fares based on their food quality and services. 

1. Orders delivered within 30 minutes

Domino’s Pizza quick delivery
Domino’s Pizza marketed their quick delivery service with reference to Fifty Shades Of Grey
Image credit: @dominossg 

Domino’s policy is that your pizza either arrives in 30 mins or you’ll get a voucher for a free regular pizza worth $24.90 to be used on your next purchase. With that, you can rest assured that a fresh warm pizza will be delivered in less than an hour. Their delivery fees are at a standard of $4

They also inform you of where your pizza is at — from when the cooking process begins to the moment your order reaches your doorstep. Similar to Grabfood’s live updates, you’ll know when to expect your pizzas. 

2. Signature flavours with great taste 

 Domino’s Hawaiian Paradise
Image adapted from: Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Hawaiian Paradise, a signature, consists of light and airy dough crust slathered with a sauce that has a pleasant sweetness and robust flavour. Topped with chunky ham pieces, Domino’s is known for being extra generous with their toppings. 

If you’d like to try more flavours and variety from them, Domino’s feature monthly specials featuring unique flavours. 

3. Customise your pizza from just $11.90

Domino’s Pizza half and half
Image credit: @dominossg

While Domino’s Pizza may not have the most extensive range, they allow you to customise your pizza under the “make your own pizza” section from just $11.90 onwards

You can choose your crust, sauce — popular sauces include chilli crab and smoky BBQ — and toppings ranging from classic ham to seafood. You can also opt for 2 toppings such as their half and half so you get to try two different flavours for the price of one pizza. 

Domino’s Pizza — great taste with even better delivery services 

Overall, Domino’s pizza ticks off the checklist when it comes to efficient pizza delivery within just 30 minutes. Not only is their delivery service quick and accommodating, but they also carry great-tasting pizzas tailored to your preferences.

Cover image adapted from @dominossg and @dominossg

Written by Angeline

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