The Pizza Delivery Story

If you’ve ever thought that your dinner orders take too long, just be happy you weren’t around when the first pizza delivery took place because it happened before cars were invented. Surprising right? But it’s true, the first pizza delivery took place in 1889, and it was a queen who placed the order.

Pizza and delivery have gone hand in hand for decades. Almost to the point where you cannot have pizza without delivery. In the world, 10’s of billions of pizzas are delivered each year. And each year the pizza delivery process has been constantly updated through innovative ways. Consumers nowadays not only expect a great pizza; but also expect a great experience when ordering online. Orders that are hot, fresh, fast, and accurate. That’s why has perfected the process from A to Z.

Here’s how is able to deliver fresh, stone-oven baked pizza delivered right to your doorstep in Singapore in less than an hour!

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How we create the best experience

Convenience for the Customer

When a customer calls or orders a pizza online the process should easy process. That’s why we invested heavily on our online website to make purchasing and tracking your pizza as streamlined as possible. From online payment portals to live tracking via customer support.

Convenience for our Staff

With the idea of ordering and delivery, point of sale technology (POS) specific to pizzerias is certain to improve efficiency for staff in many ways. First, orders will come in immediately upon processing, with little room for mistakes or forgotten orders written on a post-it.

Other parts of the POS can help with inventory, ordering, and track data behind the online orders. Convenience for us means a faster and more efficient experience for you!


Having specific delivery times that are accurate is important to use as it is to you our customer. We make sure there is full transparency when it comes to the delivery order and the time it takes. If it is going to take 35 minutes, we will make sure that is what is communicated to you.

In-house Customer Service

These days, it’s very rare to find a pizza establishment without delivery options. Conglomerate pizza chains such as Dominoes or Pizza Hut are on third-party delivery platforms such as Grabfood or Food Panda.

You will most definitely come across horror stories as such from these third party delivery drivers these platforms use. From missing items, poor customer service to cold/lukewarm foods. This is why we decided to have a dedicated customer support team in-house to avoid these types of problems

How We Ensure Delivered Orders Will Be Just as Good as Pizza In-Store

Soggy, greasy, cold pizza is not what you expect when they order delivery. We ensure our packaging offers proper airflow, support, and parchment paper to soak up grease during the travel.

Our Pizza Delivery Drivers– Extensive Training & Driving

We ensure all our pizza delivery staff receives the proper training, just like you would expect restaurant servers. Our fleet of drivers are vetted extensively as well implementing few additional steps that we feel are necessary including:

  • The decision of staff driving their own car, or leasing fleet vehicles.
  • Fleet insurance or insurance coverage to cover work-related car accidents.
  • Proof of driving history and each driver’s proof of insurance.

We have a vigorous process when we choose our drivers in order for you to have the best experience with us.

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