Wildfire’s authentic italian pasta

Savour our secret 8-Hour Italian tomato sauce bursting with aromatic flavours in every bite. Here at Wildfire, our pasta are freshly handmade from scratch daily to serve up a delicate flavour for a soft yet retaining a gentle bite.

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Daily handmade pasta

Fresh pasta is always better for an authentic taste with handmade sauces. Our pasta are handmade from scratch in small batches daily to maintain a delicate flavour that makes way for a soft texture yet still retaining a gentle bite. Taste the difference and savour the true authentic Italian flavours in every bite. 

8 Hour Secret Sauce

  • Signature Tomato Sauce Recipe With years of expertise in the Italian cuisine, our head chefs created the ultimate secret tomato recipe
  • Simmered for 8 Hours The fresh sauce is simmered for exactly 8 hours each day. These long-simmering hours develops the sauce into a rich, rounded profile with more concentrated taste and a deep flavour. 
  • Freshly Made Daily – Using only handpicked fresh tomatoes, you can be sure to savour the natural freshness of the fruit!

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