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We know how crowded VivoCity is, but you will never have to queue for the best pizzas at Wildfire Pizza Singapore. Our head chef uses handmade dough and a secret tomato sauce simmered for 8 hours.

Look forward to our signature smokey flavour from the best stone-fired pizzas and receive your pizzas within 60 minutes, wherever you are. 

No queues. Fast deliveries. Taste the best pizzas at VivoCity now.


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Wildfire Pizza Singapore ( stays true to Italian traditions by using ingredients straight from Italy and firing each pizza in stone ovens.

Whether you’re hankering for pizzas at VivoCity or anywhere else island-wide, our team of in-house riders deliver all orders in 60 minutes so your pizzas are fresh and warm.

above all, never taste a stale pizza, ever. 

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