What is a traditional Italian Pizza?

Pizzas are well-loved by nearly everyone across the world. Traditionally in Italy, pizzas served in restaurants are not meant to share. This delectable grub permeated the world with many reinventing the pizza recipes to suit their tastes. With the many varieties and ways to enjoy a pizza, what is a genuine Italian pizza?

A traditional Italian pizza’s crust is hand-stretched and cooked at an extremely high temperature inside a wood-fired oven to ensure that top quality. The main ingredient of an authentic Italian pizza is the sauce! We are not talking about canned tomatoes or sauces bought from supermarkets, but the homemade sauce made immediately from freshly crushed tomatoes with a blend premium herbs.

The Italian pizza orgin

In the early 1800s, Neapolitans invented pizzas for the poor as it is inexpensive and could be consumed quickly. Pizzas were sold throughout the streets of Naples for every meal. Soon after its popularity was widespread, shop-houses were selling customizable pizzas where people could choose different toppings.

In 1889, the King and Queen paid a royal visit to Italy. It was said that the pair were bored with their usual French feasts, that they decided to taste an assortment of pizzas made locally. Being pleasantly satisfied, the traditional ‘Margherita pizza’ was named after Queen Margherita herself with it being her favourite pie. It was a start for a whole new cuisine for pizzas due to the increasing immersive popularity.

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