The Authentic Italian Dough

Modern science has explained what our experienced head chefs have known for decades – A cold fermented overnight pizza dough tastes better than a pizza dough made and baked on the same day. 

Pizza Delivery Singapore’s pizza dough is hand-made from scratch and fermented for precisely 72 hours to bring out its optimum flavours. If the process shortens for even a few hours, our dough just wouldn’t have the same exquisite taste. This extensive fermentation process gives our pizzas their signature flavour, texture, and crust. 

Breakdown of 72 Hour Fermentation

The fermentation process is broken down into 2 segments – A 24-hour rising period followed by a 48-hour cold fermentation.

The first 24-hour period is a bulk dough fermentation process. Our pizza dough will be placed at an undisturbed area for it to rise at room temperature. After exactly 24 hours, our kitchens will be filled with a delectable bakery aroma. Our chefs begin to evenly portion the dough and place it in our massive refrigerators for a 48-hour cold fermentation. This cold process slows down yeast activity which produces amazing flavours and texture in our signature dough.

Surely we can take the dough out of the fridge and make pizzas earlier – but as we promise only authentic Italian flavours, we are dedicated to waiting out the full 72 hours to give our customers a truly memorable taste.

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