What is a Stone Oven?

A masonry oven, also commonly known as a wood-fired brick oven or a stone oven, have existed since the dawn of civilization. It is a baking chamber made of bricks, stone or clay and traditionally fired with wood.

Masonry ovens remain popular till this day for many reasons that affect the cooking process. A perfect pizza is cooked simultaneously from the top and bottom. The bricks or stones absorb hot air from firewood and starts to release heat slowly for hours. Thus, a pizza in the masonry oven will be cooked not only by hot air but also by radiant heat. This heat is conducted directly into the food and seals steam produced by water in cooking food. This results in producing a more flavorful and chewy pizza crust while keeping the fresh toppings moist and tender. 

Advantages of a stone oven

  • Higher Cooking Temperature – A good pizza is made in an environment where the temperature is high, even and maintained. A stone oven’s baking temperature is between 570 and 660 degrees just by a consistent small fire.
  • Speeds Up Cooking Time – The walls of a stone oven is designed to cook a pizza quickly. With high heat stored in the dense walls, it only takes minutes for the pizza to cook which will lead to faster delivery time!
  • Better Crust – With higher temperatures, the radiant heat cooks pizza quickly whilst sealing off any moisture in the dough. This prevents a soggy pizza base and results in a flavorful, soft and chewy crust.
  • Smoky Flavour – A stone oven produces a unique smoky flavour that a normal kitchen oven cannot replicate. Highly intense heat cooks pizza toppings evenly and quickly, resulting in not only a crispier taste but also retains vitamins and nutrients from fresh produces.

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